Job ProfileClerk of Works/Supervisor

If you’ve got a good eye for detail and enjoy being organised and efficient, this job is for you!

A Clerk of Works is a person who oversees building work in progress - they make sure that a construction project is carried out to a high standard and exactly to the set specification.

You’ll be carrying out activities such as inspections, checking everything adheres to safe working and building regulations, advising contractors and reporting to the project management team.

You’ll need to be able to understand technical drawings, and also keep up to date with all industry standards and procedures.

Training/ Qualifications

Clerks of Works usually enter the profession after some years’ experience in the industry. Experience as an electrical supervisor or manager is one of several entry routes. Some employers require applicants to be members of The Institute of Clerks of Works, who can also provide more detail on entry requirements and training.

Once you are in the job you might train towards NVQ/SVQs in Site Inspection at Levels 3 & 4

Progression opportunities

Experienced Clerks of Works may progress to site management or other management roles in the construction industry. They may become self-employed. It can be possible to work abroad, particularly in Europe and developing countries.